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5 Secret Toothbrushing Tips Which You Aren’t Know

5 Secret Toothbrushing Tips Which You Aren't Know

Great news for bad breath sufferers!

It may actually be possible to help cure bad breath simply by changing the way you brush your teeth.

You don’t need to shell out for expensive bad breath cures.

Instead, following these toothbrushing tips may help you beat halitosis and achieve a fresher smelling mouth.

Tip 1 – Brush For The Right Length Of Time

Hands up who actually knows for sure how long we should brush our teeth for?!

I’ll admit, I thought it was maybe in the region of a minute or so. Guess that could explain why I suffered from such a rotten smelling mouth for so long! 🙂

In actual fact, the optimum time Bob reckons we should brush our teeth for is 5 minutes at a time, at least twice daily.

If we’re honest, I guess most of us fall way short of that at the moment, though we’re quite happy spending 10 times that washing our cars or cleaning our closets!

Apparently, though, a good 5 minutes is just about right to give our teeth a thorough cleaning to help cure bad breath.

Tip 2 – Don’t Scrub Too Hard

Curing bad breath doesn’t mean scrubbing our mouths so hard our gums bleed!

Thankfully, a painful tooth brushing isn’t called for – rather, a thorough yet gentle brush should help to do the trick.

In fact, brushing too hard can actually make matters worse, as it can open up sores in our mouths and gums which can then become infected.

It can also seriously erode the gum line, leading to exposure of the roots of the teeth, which can be excruciating.

So go easy. When brushing the outside of your teeth using a circular to oval motion, instead of brushing straight up and down.

As well as saving your gums, it’s also a far better way of dislodging any food stuck in between your teeth or between your gums.

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Tip 3 – Don’t Neglect Your Tongue

Ok, so it goes without saying that we should give our teeth a good clean all over – inside, outside, front, back, top and bottom. But how often do we neglect our tongues?

Quite a lot I’d wager. But many bad breath experts reckon that cleaning our tongues by gentle scraping is one of the most effective preliminary methods for beating bad breath.

You can use a specially designed tongue scraper, though personally, I’ve found the unique tongue scraper on the back of the Colgate 360 toothbrush to be fantastic for getting rid of all the slime that congregates in this particular part of your mouth.

Tip 4 – Make Sure Water Is The Right Temperature

Would you wash your dinner plates in freezing cold water? Of course, you wouldn’t – you’d have a pretty tough job removing stuck-on food and grease.

Bob reckons the same applies to our mouths, and that using hot water to brush our teeth helps to cure bad breath better than the cold water you’ve probably been using all this time.

Again though, this isn’t meant to be torture! Don’t go swirling freshly boiled water around your mouth!

Instead, you should brush your teeth with the hottest water that your mouth can comfortably stand without any pain.

Tip 5 – Secret ‘Super Toothpaste’?

Lastly, Bob also recommends swapping from a regular manufactured toothpaste to one which he has devised from a couple of cheap, readily available kitchen ingredients.

This combination, he says, is designed not only to clean your teeth brilliantly but may also help to cure bad breath far more effectively than anything you can buy in a supermarket or drugstore.

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