What Are The Different Types Of Bullying

Basing on your comments on my previous article, today I will tell you about the different types of bullying students go through.

Physical bullying:    

Physical bullying includes offenses like hitting, kicking, tripping, or damaging property. Abdullah, a 14- year-old boy, said his glasses were broken several times by his mates.

Verbal bullying

It includes name-calling, insult, and teasing. Hamad, a 15 -year -old student, reported  that hewas bullied verbally by a classmate who used to call him ` CHICKEN.`

Cyber bullying:

It is related to verbal bullying taking place in social media. It includes insulting comments, indecent simile, and other abuses. Hazem, a 15-year-old student, said he deleted his account on Facebook because he could not stand humiliating comments on videos he uploaded.

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