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Crepey Skin: Causes And Tips To Fix It

Crepey Skin Causes And Tips To Fix It

After the age of 30, protein-production of your skin goes on decreasing slowly as a result of which crepey skin occurs.

Your skin will become thinner and sagging and thus wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs will arrive speedily.

You will lose your skin shine and on the other hand, collagen elasticity will get badly affected.

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How To Fix Crepey Skin

Well, this is a common question for all but in this case, only a certified dermatologist can help you out on a serious note.

You can visit the clinic of the skin-specialist so that you can receive the most valuable suggestions that can help in the effective prevention of crepey skin.

If you think that only your skin gesture will get badly affected then you are wrong as your overall personality will get drowned as a result of crepey skin.

After the 30s, your skin needs extra care and this is how Crepey skin can be easily prevented.

There are many skin-care methods, but you have to choose the safest and most appropriate one.


Commonest causes for crepey skin:

•    Age

With the increase of age, your skin becomes weaker and if proper care is not taken on time, then crepey skin is the ultimate consequence.

Dryness and dehydration are the two big causes that can bring crepey skin. Crepey skin can cause wrinkles and these wrinkles can spoil your youthful look.

•    Cigarette smoking

Smoking cigarette is not only harmful for health, but it is also very much dangerous for the skin.

Skin deterioration especially aging can be speedily accelerated by means of this kind of unhealthy habit and thus you should discontinue the same on an immediate basis.

Around 4000 chemicals are available in cigarette-tobacco and they affect the collagen level very badly.

Premature ageing can be boosted up by cigarette smoking.

•    Sudden weight-fluctuation

If you face a weight-reduction all of a sudden then, in that case, your skin will become sagging.

In this case, collagen gets badly affected and might lose elasticity to a great extent.

Repeated constriction and stretching of the skin end in skin-thinning and on the other hand skin formations get lost.

•    Sun-exposure

Crepey skin is one of the most prominent sun-damaging effects and this is currently going on increasing like anything.

Collagen molecules become inflexible and stiff and thus skin-glow gets disappeared.

•    Gravity

This is also one of the most potential reasons that are responsible for crepey skin.

•    Side-sleeping

This is a very bad pattern of sleeping, which leads to smashing-down of your face against the pillow and this leads to skin sagging.

Therefore, you should develop the best sleeping patterns for protecting your skin condition.

•    High-sugar diet

Glycation is a procedure which occurs due to the excessive intake of sugary foods.

In this case, sugar molecules get mixed with fat molecules and this leads to the loss of skin elasticity.

Best tips for fixing Crepey skin:

Injections or surgery

Are you in need of immediate results? Well, in this case, nothing can be the best option other than injections or surgeries.

Collagen injections are being pushed for making the skin supple, soft and smooth.

No painful experiences are faced and on the other hand, scars are not being created.

But you have to listen to the careful suggestions of your doctor for avoiding post-injection side-effects.

You can get a unique and refreshing look with a natural feel.

On the other hand, the effects will last for a long time.


There are many anti-aging creams that can make your skin wrinkle-free. Wrinkle formation can be permanently stopped by supplying necessary moisture amount to your skin.

Thus, you should choose only those creams that have got highest moisturizing effects.

You can also reach your skin-specialists for receiving the prescription of some of the best anti-aging creams of the era.


In this case, neither needles nor knives are being used and thus the procedure is completely safe and absolutely pain-free.

This is clinically proven and can help in the prevention of cleavage wrinkles.

These pads also cater huge protective support to your skin collagen so that the sagging issue can be easily avoided.

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