Free Bullying Schools: Definition And Survey Analysis

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Today I am to discuss a remarkable problem many students face in schools: Bullying

First, let’s define

What Bullying Is?

Bullying is deliberate and repeated acts that take place through physical, verbal, and relational forms in situations where a power differential is present.

A student is being bullied when he/she repeatedly exposed over time, to negative actions which he/she is unable to prevent.

Having defined bullying, dear readers, you are kindly requested to leave your comments below. You can share with us some situations in which you witnessed bullying.

 Bullying Schools Survey

This survey offers a comprehensive summary of what was concluded through one week, targeting secondary school students as well as teachers about bullying acts inside their schools.

The statistical data is particularly impressive. It would be helpful to understand the phenomenon and find satisfactory solutions to it.

The Analysis Of The Survey Showed That:

53% of students exposed to bullying acts inside schools, whereas 20% preferred not to declare.

50% of students considered students themselves are to be blamed for the phenomenon.30% blamed media and social networks instead.

52%   of students stated that the source of bullying is (some)students.

37% of students reacted to bullying acts by (ignoring).

20 %used counter-violence.

11% sought help from the administration.

33%resorted to verbal advice.

36 % of students affirmed official and legal ways to prevent bullying.

50% chose advice and guide.

100% of students witnessed actual bullying acts.

91 % of students assured bullying affects educational course negatively.

38 % of students predicted their reactions in case of facing future bullying actions would be cooling down and avoiding clash.44% chose to respond (appropriately) at once.

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  1. Bullying is a real threat to our students and kids. Unless faced appropriately and as fast as possible, it’s detrimental effects cannot be avoided


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