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Natural Remedies For Fighting Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that time for a woman when she is undergoing massive hormonal changes.

This causes her body to react in strange ways which she has not experienced before.

It takes a toll on almost every aspect of the body including the hair.

There is a significant amount of hair loss for some women, in varying degrees though it happens with most pregnant women.

However, just like the remaining problems that a woman may face, she tends to get rid of this issue as well after her pregnancy.

hair growth home remedies which you can try as a solution for hair loss during pregnancy:

    1. Stimulating faster hair growth during pregnancy can be achieved by massaging the scalp of your head. Do the massaging with your fingers and until the point when you start to have a warm and tingling sensation that would start to make you feel relaxed. This massaging helps to incite the sebaceous glands and hair follicles of your head to start making more hair.
  1. A natural and effective hair growth home remedy is to crush and produce lettuce and spinach juice and mix equal quantities of them in a glass and drink this. You can drink this every morning before taking your breakfast. Often women with improper pregnant women diet with deficiency of iron and zinc causes the loss of hair. Have eggs, cereals, nuts, pulses, lean meat and whole grains which are extremely high in both iron and zinc and can help you reduce the hair loss problem.
  2. Massage your hair with oil and then wrap it up with a warm towel for about an hour. Afterward, wash off your hair.
  3. A natural hair mask treatment requires melons, bananas, jojoba oil, and virgin olive oil. Mix everything together and add some almond oil to it. Apply the mixture well all over your hair and especially on the roots. This mixture works wonderfully well and ensures a no hair loss during your pregnancy.
  4. Another natural hair growth home remedy is prepared using henna leaves. Take a few henna leaves and boil them in about 250ml of mustard oil. Boil till a charred residue of the henna leaves settles at the bottom of the pan. Collect this residual liquid and apply this liquid at the roots of your hair every day. This is an herbal and natural method of preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth during pregnancy.
  5. Crush some onions and make juice. Apply this on the roots of your hair using your fingers for about five minutes every day. You can also cut a thin slice of onion and then follow this up by massaging your scalp using some honey. Blood circulation is important for your scalp and this is helped by the onion juice. It also helps in faster hair growth during pregnancy by inducing the hair follicles.
  6. Another natural therapy is made from aloe vera. Mix about one teaspoon of aloe vera juice with a mixture of wheat germ oil and coconut milk. Use this mixture to wash your hair every alternate day. This is going to check your hair loss problem.

Along with these herbal and other treatments also stay away from stress and anxiety related problems as this can trigger hair loss and other problems.

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