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Simple Hair Regrowth Tips To Regrow Your Hair

Hair Regrowth Tips To Regrow Your Hair

How can you stimulate hair regrowth and what are actually the causes of hair loss?

If you are losing your hair or if you are having problems to regrow your hair you are sharing quite a common problem with millions of people all around the globe.

Typical causes for hair loss are stress, illness, hormonal problems, the experience of traumatic events, pregnancy, an overactive (or less active than normal) thyroid gland, deterioration of environmental conditions, lack of important vitamins and minerals in your nutrition, sleep deprivation and there are other causes.

Information provided by research seems to indicate that one of the most common causes of hair loss and/or inhibited hair regrowth is a deregulated thyroid gland.

And that’s also why many hair regrowth products and drugs act on restoring the normal activity of the thyroid gland.

A fairly high percentage of men suffer from hair loss and are unsuccessful in regrowing heir’s hair.

But unfortunately, nowadays there are also more and more women suffering from this condition.

In women, this problem is often linked to hormonal changes during- and after pregnancy.

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However, this condition disappears in most cases once the hormonal environment has stabilized several months after having given birth.

Regrow hair naturally:

Natural ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair should be your first choice.

It’s not only healthier but also less painful than injections, surgery or drugs with side effects.

In your search to regrow your hair, you should not leave out herbs.

They contain some of nature’s best sources for stimulating hair regrowth.

However, you also should be aware that it’s not possible to regrow your hair within a few weeks.


Whatever form of treatment you may choose, be patient and give it at least 6 months, before trying a different solution.

You will not get any results if you try a new product or treatment every few weeks.

Simple tips for natural hair regrowth:

  • Wash your hair 2-3 times a week and gently massage your scalp for a few minutes. It is also recommended that you slightly wet your hair several times during the day – this is known to promote hair growth.
  • Avoid using hair dye as much as possible. Hair dye is known to damage hair.
  • If your hair is very weak, don’t use a hot-air hair dryer – switch it to cold or warm air.
  • Cut the damaged ends of your hair on a regular basis to improve hair regrowth.
  • Do regular scalp massages with jojoba oil. It provides the perfect nutrition for your hair and keeps it beautiful and healthy. Moreover, it delays aging through its powerful antioxidant properties.

Regrow hair with a balanced diet:

Hair loss can also be caused by a lack of vitamin B. For example, vitamin B5 contains pantothenic acid and B3 contains niacin – both are essential for hair growth.

Vitamin B6 is also important because it contains zinc, sulfur, magnesium and biotin.

Apart from vitamin B, vitamin A, C and E also seems to play an important role in the stimulation of hair growth.

Vitamin E stimulates the intake of oxygen in the body and improves blood circulation.

Vitamin C regulates the normal functioning of capillaries that carries blood to the scalp.

Additionally, you should make sure that your diet contains sufficient amounts of healthy fatty acids, such as primrose oil, flaxseed oil or salmon oil.

Some important food sources to regrow hair and stop hair loss:

A well-balanced diet is required to promote hair regrowth and to keep your hair strong and healthy.

This is especially important in winter. Due to the lack of sunlight in winter, the reserves of vitamin D are quickly exhausted, which may cause your hair to lose its strength and shine.

  • Sources of calcium: Milk, cheese, tofu, and beans.
  • Sources of copper: This can be found in many different food sources. Highest concentrations are found in liver, nuts, cocoa, and grains.
  • Sources of iron: Dried fruits, eggs, fish, liver, chicken. Iron promotes hair regrowth.
  • Sources of magnesium: green vegetables, nuts, soybeans, and chickpeas. Magnesium helps your hair to grow faster.
  • Sources of potassium: avocados, bananas, dates, figs, garlic, potatoes. Potassium affects blood circulation and is therefore vital for hair growth.
  • Sources of selenium: meat, fish, and broccoli.
  • Sources of silica: Rice, soybeans, and green vegetables. Silica helps to regrow hair, further, it nourishes your hair and makes it stronger.
  • Sources of zinc: Seafood, oatmeal, spinach, sunflower seeds. Zinc prevents hair from thinning, dryness and loss and stimulate hair regrowth.

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