How To Get Shiny Hair In One Day


How to get shiny hair in one day

A woman indeed feels better when they have beautiful and healthy hair. The term “bad day” is a real sense that women are not synchronized and depressed if their hair is ugly or hard to control.

There are a lot of women who are jealous of those commercials featuring women tossing their healthy and shiny hair around.

These women always think of the ways of obtaining those healthy and shiny locks within an affordable range.

If you are also in the list of such women, then you must know that some simple steps can solve your problem.

Learning How To Get Shiny Hair in one day is very easy by following the easy and straightforward steps without emptying the wallet.

Do not resort to the use of a lot of hair products and beauty products because they might cause hair problems out of product build-up.

The market is filled with clarifying rinses and shampoos that help in the removal of product build-up.

However, there are some simple steps, including the use of natural products that can help in getting shiny hair in one day.

An essential factor for dull hair is malnutrition. People who do not drink sufficient water and do not eat enough minerals and vitamins, less pleasant experience for your hair.

Reliable water can also be a factor in some regions. All these belongings can wreak disorder on your hair, which looked so beautiful, not boring.

Fortunately, there are several ways to know how to get shiny hair in one day.


Techniques – how to get shiny hair in one day?

1- Give your hair a Cold Water Blast at the end of a Shower

Give your hair a Cold Water Blast at the end of a Shower

Make use of lukewarm water in place of steaming hot water in the shower. Water that is too hot can strip off the natural oils of your hair.

Before getting a shower, ensure that the water temperature is as cold as possible. Coldwater is good for the hair, and it can render high shine to your hair.

Rinsing the hair with cold water closes the outer layer of hair called cuticle. It is this outer layer that reflects light making the hair appear shinier and healthier.

If you are used to hot water baths, then there is nothing to worry about cold water rinses.

You need to have a pitcher in the bathroom. Post shower; pour a pitcher of cold water onto your hair before drying.

This will be enough in making the hair look shiny and healthy.

2- Lemon Juice with Conditioner

Lemon Juice with Conditioner

A mixture of lemon juice with conditioner can be used on hair instead of shampoo. Lemon juice helps in dissolving hair product buildup.

This helps in turning your hair smooth, full of shine, and even soft.

3- Use of Mayonnaise

Use of Mayonnaise

If you have dried and dull hair, try giving your hair a moisturizing treatment by using mayonnaise just before a shower.

Try distributing the right quantity of mayo on your hair and try covering the hair with a good quality shower cap

. Just relax for at least thirty minutes and then take a shower for removing the mayo from hair.

4- Shampoo your Hair Regularly

Shampoo your Hair Regularly

If you have hair that lacks shine and is very dry, later tries shampooing your hair regularly. Showers can be taken every day, but then you will have to make use of a shower cap.

5- Avoid Using Dryers and Curlers

Avoid Using Dryers and Curlers

Skip the purpose of straightening irons, curling irons, and hair dryers.

These are high-temperature tools used on hair, and they can damage the hair making it look dry and dull.

6- Keep the Hair trimmed

Keep the Hair trimmed

As the hair grows longer, it is quite apparent that the ends of the hair strands far away from the scalp become old.

This is common with women who have long hair. Older hair should be maintained properly so that the health and the shine of hair can be restored.

The end of hair strands can be kept trimmed. This helps in preventing split ends and roughness that prevents light from reflecting on the hair surface.

The hair should be trimmed after every six to eight weeks. This keeps the hair looking at its shiniest and healthiest best.

7- Eat a Balanced and Healthy Diet

Eat a Balanced and Healthy Diet

If you want to provide proper nourishment to your hair from inside, then you must eat a balanced and healthy diet.

Your diet should consist of foods rich in their content of essential oils. These oils help in restoring the shine of your hair.

You can get sufficient amounts of essential oils from foods rich in vitamin E.

Examples of such foods include green leafy vegetables such as spinach; avocado, olives, and nuts.
Apart from this, you should drink water in large quantities every day.

This helps in keeping the hair and the body hydrated.

Other simple home tips to get shiny hair in one day:

Though these Techniques would be a little messy, it surely helps. Warm avocado oil mixed with mayonnaise lends sheen to your hair.

You need to apply this for about three hours at least, and you would notice that your hair start to look shiny and glossy.

Hair masks are beneficial as it adds life to your hair. You can also make a mixture of mayonnaise and strawberries at home and apply it to your hair.

Dampen your hair and apply the mixture, leave it for some time and then wash your hair. Within some time, you are sure to have healthy and lustrous hair.

Hair also smells sweet and good. Some of the hair color products also make your hair very dry, and if you want the natural shine back, you need to choose products that have enough moisture content

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