How To Get Whiter Teeth?

how to get whiter teeth

Who doesn’t strive to get whiter teeth? The thing is that one should choose the right product in order not to damage his or her teeth instead of getting the expected result.

You should treat your Teeth Problems first before you want to get whiter teeth

Today teeth whitening technology allows us to have our teeth bleached at home. For instance, Theramed Perfect Express White Intensive Whitening Toothpaste is sure to whiten your teeth in one week. It contains pumice with the help of which the stains of your teeth are removed. However, experts consider this whitening toothpaste rather harsh and say that it can damage the enamel.

Bleach Your Teeth With Peroxide

The most exciting thing about this way to get whiter teeth is that you get maximal results in short time.

Dentists use carbamide peroxide that is also called urea peroxide, as it contains hydrogen peroxide and urea. There are various ways of bleaching teeth with carbamide peroxide. Dentists may either apply a night application or can do everything at the dentist’s office.

The results are, as a rule, very quick. However, you need to repeat the process for at least three or four times to have final results. If you take proper care of your teeth after bleaching you will be able to keep the results for several years.

Bleaching teeth with hydrogen peroxide is quite safe, but side effects may occur, especially if you’re an allergic person. The main side effects are mouth, tongue, gum irritation and gum bleeding.

Hydrogen, as a rule, reacts more quickly. Besides, it can’t be kept long after being mixed with saliva and oxygen. Carbamide peroxide has been invented on the base of the hydrogen peroxide to slow up the breakdown. Besides, carbamide peroxide’s effects are more evident.

Hydrogen and carbamide peroxide don’t affect the fillings as well as ceramic and porcelain teeth.

There are peroxide teeth whitening kits on the market that can be purchased at affordable prices and can be used at home without a dentist.

So, if you want to have a beautiful smile with bright white teeth, you can always rely on peroxide teeth whitening.

Tips to Get Whiter teeth

  • use toothpaste include baking soda

Another whitening toothpaste is Arm & Hammer Extra Whitening Brilliant Sparkle Toothpaste. One of its ingredients is baking soda which is rather safe and make the stains on your teeth disappear rather soon. Although for total cleansing of your teeth this paste is not so advisable as it is not abrasive.

  • Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are some of the best teeth whitening toothbrushes. They are widely recommended by experts. Electric toothbrushes are definitely more effective than regular ones. They help to clean the coffee and tobacco stains rather well. After a month’s use you will definitely notice the results.

  • Avoidance of Products that bleach your teeth in a very quick period

Products that bleach your teeth in a very quick period of time are more likely to have side effects than those demanding certain amount of time. So, it is better to be patient if you want to achieve the desired result without further dental problems.

  • Aquafresh White Trays

As for teeth whitening trays among less harmful ones are Aquafresh White Trays as they contain 10% hydrogen peroxide, less than the other whitening trays. So, the result will not be so effective.

If you want to strip the strains from your teeth at home, baking soda and salt are the right choices. This mixture is harmless for your teeth. It prevents plaque killing bacteria from creating cavities. Cucumber and carrot prevent the emergence of strains.

Lemon juice, which is known as an effective means of stain removal, can irritate gums and remove enamel.

Take care of your teeth. Healthy and beautiful teeth are the pledge of your success.

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