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Vitamins for bad breath – what are they, and do they work?

Vitamins for bad breath

While there’s no complete substitute for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, there’s no doubt that vitamins can have an important part to play in helping to boost our vitality and well-being.

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from chronic halitosis, you may perhaps have wondered about vitamins for bad breath.

After all, vitamins are increasingly being used to tackle all manner of medical complaints such as coughs and colds, so can they also be used to aid a fresher smelling mouth?

Well, that certainly appears to be the opinion of some oral hygiene researchers who have suggested that there are certain vitamins and minerals which might help this common yet distressing problem.

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Vitamin C as a Vitamin for Bad Breath

One of the suggested vitamins for bad breath is vitamin C.

For hundreds of years vitamin C has been known to help prevent scurvy, a particularly unpleasant condition which can cause gum disease and gingivitis – both of which are major causes of bad breath.

In addition, this destruction of oral tissue also encourages the creation of excessive amounts of bacteria in the mouth. Normal levels of these essential bacteria generally don’t cause any problems, but when conditions are created which cause them to multiply, severe bad breath can occur.

So it may well be the case that a diet supplemented with vitamin C may help prevent the onset of several bad breath-related oral problems.

Tackling Bad Breath with Zinc

Zinc is a mineral which has also been suggested as effective in banishing bad breath.

In fact, the halitosis-healing potential of zinc has already been spotted by many drug manufacturers who for a while now have included it as a key ingredient in their mouthwashes.

As well as having an antibacterial effect, zinc is also believed to help neutralize Volatile Sulphur Compounds – extremely pungent, foul smells which are given off when our oral bacteria come into contact with certain amino acids when we eat.

Curing Bad Breath Naturally

If you suffer from bad breath on a regular basis, you may well find some relief with various minerals and vitamins for bad breath.

However, do please check with your own doctor or health professional before embarking on any course of treatment to make sure it’s suitable for you.

If you’d like more information on other alternative ways to cure bad breath naturally, click on the link below.

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