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Who Is To Blame For Your Dry Hair

Who Is To Blame For Your Dry Hair

Many time dry hair sufferers become frustrated with the condition their hair is in when they go about their hair care regime.

In several cases, it may be almost brittle where it breaks off as soon as a comb or brush is put to it.

It does not seem to matter what the hairstyle is it just does not seem to look healthy or attractive.

It is most difficult to have attractive hairs styles when an individual has damaged hair because of dryness.

We all have a fair idea as to what can cause this type of hair condition. In many cases, though we are so caught up with the problem and trying to fix it we forget about discerning what the cause could be.

Here are a few general areas that you may want to think about if you are suffering from the dry hair curse.

It May Be Your Fault


1. Take a look at the products you are using. Many times, they can just simply be too harsh for your particular hair. To ensure that your hair is getting the very best of hair care treatment then take a close look at the hair care products at Not only will you find preventative hair care products but corrective hair care products as well. All too often, we will grab a hair product on sale for example shampoo. We do not take the time to determine what hair type it is. It could be for oily hair and you have a dry problem, so you really are not saving any money.

2. Any old brush will do as long as it gets through the tangles. This could not be further from the truth. You can create a lot of damage to your already dry hair. If it is to the point of being somewhat brittle then your harsh treatment with the wrong brush is just going to compound the problem.

3. Ask yourself if you are really protecting your hair from the elements. This is done by using hair care products that can afford you protection from the hot hair scorching sun. In many cases, they act as a preventative. Hats would be the ideal solution even for preventing further hair damage as well as preventative hair care.

4. What about your hairstyles? Are they requiring constant drying with the hair dryer? Continuous curling with the hot rollers or curling iron. Perhaps you are in a hurry and cannot wait for the styling rod to cool down a bit. Therefore, you just make sure it is far enough from the scalp and do not pay too much attention to that faint odor of scorching hair.

There are probably a few more of “your fault” items when it comes to your hair care that we could cover but we have given you a general idea. There are many cases that dry hair will occur and it simply is not from anything you have done.

It is Not Your Fault:

Perhaps you are on medications, which can greatly affect the hair.

Then there are treatments such as chemotherapy that at the very least cause the hair to become excessively dry. Your general health may be a very big factor as well.

The key is no matter what the cause of your dry hair, is to take every measure possible to correct it and prevent it with the proper hair care.

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